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Publications, Writing, and Research

Contracted Publications

Closing the Coverage Gap Could Improve Coverage, Economic Security, and Health Outcomes for Over 650,000 Black WomenNational Partnership for Women and Families, July 2022


Health Care Costs Will Rise if ACA’s Premium Tax Credits ExpireNational Partnership for Women and Families, June 2022

This Mother’s Day, Moms Need Child Care, Paid Leave and Protections While Pregnant National Partnership for Women and Families, May 2022


How the Build Back Better Act Would Address the Price Increases Hitting Families Hardest Data for Progress, March 2022

The Great Resignation Shows Great Need for Paid LeaveNational Partnership for Women and Families, December 2021

Unless Build Back Better Is Passed, Families Will Face Child Care Prices Rising by 14% by 2025The Century Foundation, December 2021

Paid Leave Could Keep More Than 6 Million Caregivers Connected to the Labor Force by 2030National Partnership for Women and Families, November 2021

Paid Leave Is a Lifeline for Workers and Families Across the CountryNational Partnership for Women and Families, November 2021

Paid Leave Is a Lifeline for Workers and FamiliesNational Partnership for Women and Families, September 2021

Building Narratives for a Caring Green EconomyFeminist Green New Deal Coalition and Data for Progress, September 2021

Care Matters: A Report Card for Care Policies in the StatesThe Century Foundation, September 2021

Job Creation for a Clean JumpstartData for Progress, July 2021

The Cost of Inaction: How a Lack of Family Care Policies Burdens the U.S. Economy and FamiliesNational Partnership for Women and Families, July 2021

Passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act a Big Step towards a Just RecoveryThe Century Foundation, April 2021

Care Infrastructure Is Key to an Equitable, Green Recovery from the COVID-19 CrisisThe Century Foundation, March 2021

Select Publications (see The Century Foundation for more)

Looming Unemployment Cliff Will Hit Women and People of Color the Hardest — The Century Foundation, December 2020

Redefining Green Jobs for a Sustainable EconomyThe Century Foundation, December 2019

Making the Economic Case for a $15 Minimum WageThe Century Foundation, January 2019

11 Ways American Workers Are Falling Behind the Rest of the WorldThe Century Foundation, September 2018

Book Chapters

Amanda Novello. "Labor Market Regulations and Outcomes for American Workers." Challenges in Classical Liberalism: Debating the Policies of Today Versus Tomorrow. Edited by Alice Kassens and Joshua Hall. Palgrave Macmillan. Forthcoming.

Teresa Ghilarducci & Amanda Novello. "The Labor Consequences of Financializing Pensions." The Contradictions of Pension Fund Capitalism. Edited by Kevin Skerrett, Chris Roberts, Johanna Weststar, Simon Archer. Labor and Employment Research Association, LERA Research Volume. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. 2018.

Research Provided 


Women Are Counting on Congress to #Savethe600 in Expanded Unemployment InsuranceNational Women's Law Center, August 2020

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